Key Findings

Key Finding 1
Europe is witnessing a revival of contemporary Jewish life through the emergence of hundreds of new initiatives reaching hundreds of thousands of people.
Key Finding 2
The vast majority of new Jewish initiatives describe their primary areas of focus as Jewish education, arts and culture, or community building. Inter-group and interreligious relations are a higher priority than diversity issues within the Jewish community.
Key Finding 3
New European Jewish initiatives connect people across broad differences in age and affiliation.
Key Finding 4
European Jewish startups are dependent primarily on foundation largesse and grassroots labour to sustain themselves. Although they operate independently of communal structures, they do not have a broad base of individual supporters.
Key Finding 5
European Jewish startup leaders bring strong educational backgrounds and professional expertise to their ventures.
Key Finding 6
European Jewish startup leaders are the beneficiaries of significant investments in their educational and professional development, especially Jewish learning and leadership.
Key Finding 7
European Jewish startup founders and leaders are actively engaged in Jewish life and practice; they tend to affiliate with progressive and secular/cultural forms of Judaism.