Support Organizations

These organizations support Jewish social entrepreneurs and their projects.

Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship The Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship aims to develop a network of entrepreneurs with a demonstrated interest in social change and cross cultural dialogue. It is an endeavor to create a new brand of both dialogue and social entrepreneurship that allows for sustainable business models to have far reaching impact. Leadership Development  
Bikkurim Bikkurim: an Incubator for New Jewish Ideas energizes and enriches the North American Jewish community by finding innovative Jewish ideas and nurturing them to organizational sustainability. Matching entrepreneurial drive with organizational know-how, Bikkurim transforms the dreams of visionaries into a tide of initiatives that contribute meaningfully to Jewish life and expand the nature of Jewish community. Incubator Jason Leibowitz
Center for Leadership Initiatives The Center for Leadership Initiatives, Inc. (CLI) catalyzes the power and potential of individuals to lead organizations and communities to higher vision, meaning, and effectiveness. Through a weave of skills trainings, coaching, conferences and retreats, as well as online networks, CLI seeks to cultivate excellence, leadership and vision in the Jewish non-profit world. Professional Development, Networks, Resources
Hazon Hazon works to create a healthier and more sustainable Jewish community and a healthier and more sustainable world for all.
We affect change in three ways:
  • Through the direct human impact of our programs;
  • By supporting the American Jewish environmental movement and the Israeli environmental movement;
  • Through thought-leadership (writing, speaking, teaching, campaigning).
Fiscal Sponsor, Funder
JHub JHub is a centre of creativity, energy, learning and innovation. We provide office space, meeting rooms and a support network for innovative UK-based Jewish individuals, projects and organisations who are working to contribute meaningfully, in a variety of ways, to the Jewish and wider world. Shared Space
Jumpstart Jumpstart's mission is to develop, strengthen, and learn from emerging Jewish organizations that build community at the nexus of spirituality, learning, social activism, and culture in order to transform the Jewish community and the broader world. Incubator, Think Tank, Advocate
Joshua Venture Group Joshua Venture Group seeks to reinvigorate and expand the Jewish community by cultivating the leadership and management capability of talented, passionate young Jewish social entrepreneurs and by investing in their visions and the growth of healthy, sustainable organizations. Fellowship Contact JVG
Paideia Project-Incubator The Paideia Project-Incubator is a program for activists and entrepreneurs for Jewish culture who want to develop new projects in the educational, cultural, communal and institutional fields. The Incubator offers you professional and experienced faculty and an intensive, effective studying program including lectures, workshops, peer-groups, courses in Jewish Textual Studies, individual counseling, and meetings with foundation representatives - all aimed at promoting, guiding and advancing your project. Incubator
PresenTense PresenTense is a grassroots organization focused on upgrading the Jewish People's Operating System to ensure Jewish communities and individuals have the tools, ideas, and strategies to thrive in the 21st century. Inspired by visionaries such as Ahad Ha'am, Mordechai Kaplan and Ze'ev Jabotinsky, who foresaw Israel as the laboratory for the renewal of the Jewish People, PresenTense aims to enable the Jewish People to fulfill its potential in the world as a beacon unto the nations. Incubator, Magazine, Fellowship, Network Contact PresenTense
Project Partnership The Project Partnership supports the development of innovative new Jewish projects that work for an open, inclusive, and expansive Jewish life, as well as benefit the broader society and the world. The Partnership aims to lower barriers and speed time to market for innovative new Jewish projects by bringing the Jewish world the depth of knowledge and expertise of Community Partners, coupled with the mission and vision of Jumpstart. Partnership Projects are fiscally sponsored by Community Partners and receive complete infrastructure support from day one. Jumpstart provides technical assistance and capacity-building to help projects reach scale and sustainability as they are incubated by the Partnership. Fiscal Sponsor
ROI Community & Global Summit for Young Jewish Innovators Founded in Jerusalem in the summer of 2006, ROI is a global community of outstandingly creative individuals who have a personal vision about how to make the Jewish world a better place. Built around intensive networking and skill-building activities in Jerusalem and the Diaspora that are continued online, ROI enhances its members' ability to re-create community in their own image. ROI embraces the diversity and dynamism of Jewish life, with a youthful energy that represents its best hope for the future. Conference, Network This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Six Points Fellowship At the core of the Six Points Fellowship is the belief that creative expression is essential to Jewish community, identity, and our understanding of the world. The Fellowship was created to support the artists contributing to that process. Based on the experience of our three partner organizations, Avoda Arts, JDub Records, and the Foundation for Jewish Culture (FJC) and other current research, emerging artists have the best chance for personal and professional growth through a fellowship model of guided artistic development, project assistance, and professional education. An essential component of the Fellowship is creating an environment that will serve as an "open resource" for participants to connect to Jewish culture and practice, each engaging on their own terms. Fellowship
UpStart Bay Area UpStart's mission is to advance early stage non-profits that offer innovative Jewish engagement opportunities.
UpStart strives to be:
  • The center for the cultivation and nurturing of pioneering Jewish organizations eager to strengthen Jewish identity in the Bay Area and beyond.
  • Respected and known as the catalyst for creating the premier community of innovative thinkers and Jewish social entrepreneurs in the Bay Area.
  • A model for similar ventures, developing a national network of Jewish social entrepreneurs.
Incubator, Network

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