The 2008 Survey of New Jewish Organizations

Jumpstart partnered with The Natan Fund and The Samuel Bronfman Foundation to conduct the first-ever survey of the nonprofit Jewish startup sector. The survey sought data on the hundreds of nonprofit startups that have been founded in the North American Jewish community in the last ten years. The purpose was to better understand the needs of these organizations, with the goal of creating effective responses to the current economic downturn.

Goals of the Survey

What we wanted to learn about

  • Demographics/Constituents - Who are the organizations within the Jewish startup sector, how many are there, what are their purposes, whom do they serve and how many people do they reach?
  • Finances - How large are the budgets of the organizations, how do they allocate their resources and what are their funding sources?
  • Governance - What are the corporate structures of the organizations, how do they govern themselves and comply with legal requirements? How ready are the organizations to comply with regulatory requirements in an environment now demanding higher degrees of transparency and fiscal responsibility?
  • Responding to the Economy - How are they responding to the current economic crisis, what are their plans, needs and challenges?

Results of the Survey

What we learned

The findings from the Survey have been the basis for two publications so far: Jumpstart Research Report 2.09, which contained 10 Key Findings from the survey and some analysis of the data, and The Innovation Ecosystem: Emergence of a New Jewish Landscape, which, in addition to the content of the Research Report, contains further analysis, implications and recommendations for innovators and supporters of innovation. You can also view the survey questionnaire, and the frequencies (raw data) from survey responses, and learn about the survey methodology.